Shift your server gears, it is time to switch from sluggish to supersonic!!

Apachebooster is a sophisticated cPanel based plugin designed towards enhancing the overall performance of a server. Integrated with Nginx and Varnish Apachebooster boosts the working capacity and capability of servers making them faster. Easy to install and with 'no maintenance ' Apachebooster offers the optimal solution to a low performing server. Once you install AB in your server you can be completely worry free about the working of your server. Through Apachebooster we are presenting to you an unparallel quality product at an unimaginable price!




Apachebooster Caches both static and dynamic data for enhanced website performance.

Nginx and Varnish

Apachebooster is a Cpanel featured plugin, built with the super combo - Nginx and Varnish

Easily Managed

Apachebooster, Ngnix, Varnish settings can be easily customised from Cpanel WHM.

Save Memory

Apachebooster greatly helps in saving the memory consumption in the webserver.

Reduce Load by Many Leaps

Apachebooster reduces the server loadspike by leaps.

DDOS - First Level Protection

Apachebooster act as a first level of protection against DDOS.

gzip compression

Apachebooster supports gzip compression.

Lower cost

Lower cost of Ownership and more returns from the same hardware.

Real time bandwidth Monitoring

Monitor real time bandwidth and connections stats from whm.


System Requirement

  1. cPanel WHM
  2. CentOS / RHEL 6.* & 7.*
  3. Perl (Installed by default on CentOS / Redhat cPanel WHM)
  4. 200Mhz CPU w/ 20MB RAM for Installation
  5. Apache 2.4.x or 2.2.x w/ PHP
  6. PCRE Lib - Auto-Installed

Please download the script install.sh from the location provided in the welcome email

  1. Upload install.sh to the server
  2. Execute the script sh install.sh
  3. Find your license key in the welcome email. Provide the same and press enter key.
  4. That was easy and hey Congratulations !!! You are done!

Dont Trust Just Words, Trust The Results.



Home page

Restart Services

Config Editor (Ngnix)

Config Editor (Varnish)

Purge Cache

Tuner (Varnish Tuner)

Tuner (Exclude Url's)

Tuner (Exclude domain's)

Rebuild Vhost

Varnish Cache Status

Varnish Cache Status Full

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